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Venezuela's Independence Day: Honoring Courage and Freedom

Today we gather here, both near and far, to commemorate and celebrate a significant day in Venezuelan history: July 5th, Venezuela's Independence Day. It is a moment filled with pride and gratitude as we remember and honor the courage and determination of our ancestors who fought for the freedom of our beloved homeland.

Over two centuries ago, a group of visionary Venezuelan patriots came together with a common purpose: to free Venezuela from the shackles of oppression and proclaim its independence. Led by figures like Simón Bolívar, the Liberator, and many other unsung heroes, they rose up in a fierce struggle for self-determination and dignity.

On July 5th, we recall the bravery and steadfastness that our forefathers exhibited in those pivotal moments of our history. Their sacrifices and valor continue to inspire us to keep the flame of liberty burning and to work diligently for a better future for our community and our country.

As Venezuelans residing in Hungary, we acknowledge the challenges we have faced and the adjustments we have made in this new land. However, through our association, we have created a space of support and solidarity that unites us in our shared identity and strengthens us during times of adversity.

This day also provides an opportunity to express our gratitude to the Hungarian community for their warm welcome and support extended to Venezuelans who have found a new home in this country. Your generosity and kindness have allowed us to integrate and make positive contributions to the social fabric of Hungary.

Let us seize this occasion to reflect on the value of freedom and its significance in our daily lives. Let us continue working together, promoting our values, and sharing our rich Venezuelan culture with future generations.

On behalf of the Civil Association "Venezolanos en Hungría," we deeply appreciate all the members of our community for their commitment and involvement in the activities we have undertaken. Your support is fundamental to the growth and strengthening of our association.

Let us celebrate this July 5th with pride in being Venezuelan and with hope for a future filled with prosperity and peace, both in Hungary and in our beloved Venezuela.

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